Despite the weather, the 2011 BRT Beer Festival was once again a huge success..!

60 different real ales and 20 different ciders were offered over the weekend with nearly all of it selling out!

Beers from all over the region were available ranging from a delicate 3.6% to a mighty 11.1%!!!

The final amount raised hasn’t been announced yet but the event organisers are predicting a net result similar to last years total, which given the current economic and meteorological climate, is not bad at all!

Details to follow when the sums are completed.

Many many thanks to everyone who helped out over the weekend, and also a huge thanks to everyone who came down to Asker Meadows and supported us by drinking the beer!

Check out the GALLERY page for pictures and our FACEBOOK page for even more…!

Remember, all profits from this event go into a the BRT charity account to be distributed back into the local community.

If you have a cause that need supporting, send an email to us giving us some details and we’ll be in touch asap

Many thanks once again…