Remember remember the 5th of November??

Yes of course!

It’s when BRT went to visit Leakers Bakery Bridport for some baking tips from the pro’s…

Last night’s social [5/11/13] saw a 14 strong BRT pile into Leakers shop for a hands on demonstration in the art of mince pie making.

Generosity abound from Caroline, Gemima and Jo with pizza, pasties sausages rolls and a very social lesson rattling up a tray of Mincing Mincers:


BRT guide to Leakers Mince Pie making:-

1, Gemima fills cup with lovely strong mulled cider

2, Mix ingredients in a bowl

3, refill cup of lovely cider

4, pour mixed loveliness into piping bag

5, repeat steps 1 & 3

6, stumble to the oven, place pies inside and refill cup with cider from stove top

7, Lovely Gemima takes removes pies from oven

8, One more mullered cider whilst pies cool

9 isn’t Gemima lovely?

10, stumble out of door…


Thanks to the team from Leakers for a FANTASTIC night and their amazing hospitality once again…

Have a look at the pictures from the evening by clicking here