Beer Fest Staff

Bridport Round Table’s 11th year doing the Beer Festival, and it certainly felt like all the dials were turned up to 11… the weather, the customers, the music and the atmosphere.
After a Furious Friday that saw us sell out of more than 50% of our 3,000 glasses for the first time ever, we then had the Sizzling Saturday which seemed to go on for ever and led to us having to get in another 2,000 glasses!!
It was a truly memorable weekend, although some may not remember it all, and with nearly 15,500 halves of beer and 8,700 halves of cider consumed over the weekend, it’s fair to say that we were drunk dry.
A huge thank you must, as always, go to our fantastic sponsors and supporters, with a particular mention to Palmers and The Stables for all their help and support. Finally we thank the amazing people of Bridport, and those from far and wide for coming again and gracing us with your presence. We always look forward to this event and you never let us down.
The best bit for us is to come as we distribute all of the profits we have made from the weekend, but the pennies are still being counted so we will let you all know soon.